8 Frames: Rara Avis by Gareth Weston

In the face of this, communal living, inter-dependency and shared ambition is arguably becoming undermined and inhibited through isolating technology and cultural preferences and a historical and growingly entrenched shift towards independent success and personal focus. At a time in which connection and change appears more tangible and achievable than ever, a variety of factors are creating more fractured cohorts of shared beliefs and ideals bringing the burning desire for companionship ever to the fore.

Rara Avis focuses upon a range of individuals who have identified a personal sense of cultural segregation, of a passionate longing for the pursuit of core beliefs in the face of a divided international community in which exists the juxtaposition of the increasing pressure to present a curated image of uniformity and social adhesion, whilst voices and shared visions become increasingly fractured and separated. Rara Avis explores and celebrates the identities of those who have worn their intangible, and often abstract individuality with strength and with colour in light of peers, expectations, pressures and personal conflicts.

Rara Avis presents the concept of moments of alienation existing within all individuals, travelling upon both separate and crossed paths within the chaos and simultaneous serenity of the natural world in which death, life, the organic and the quest for personal identity and fulfillment are the ties that bond us all together within our limited existence. 










Written by Gareth Weston

Photographs taken by Gareth Weston

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