8 Frames: Ride Along by Daniela Grünwald

From my earliest memories I can always recall being captivated by images, regardless of the medium: paintings, drawings, or photographs. An image is powerful because it conveys meaning like a universal language — needing no words, and at times capturing the mundane that goes unseen and unappreciated in our day-to-day lives.

As a media designer, I quickly became enthralled in touch-ups and image processing. I would spend all sorts of time editing, trying to make my images look like an authentic Polaroid print. Until one day a friend mentioned that I might just want to try shooting on instant film, and so it began!

I love playing with light and shadows, composing, and finding unexpected effects within the medium of instant photography. It is more than just a vintage or iconic look, it is capturing this dream world with a Polaroid image instead of pixels behind a screen.  In a way, digital removes some of the tools that allow us to make a great image the first time, almost like attempting to paint without paint brushes. Plus, I really love to handle these antique cameras!

Below are 8 frames taken from a family trip downtown and the streets we passed along the way. Enjoy the light, silence, speed and ride along…









Written by Daniela Grünwald

Photographs taken by Daniela Grünwald

More work by Daniela Grünwald can be found on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/lela7227/