8 Frames: A Sunday Bike Ride in the Dutch Countryside by Rachele Krivichi

The Dutch countryside is nothing grandiose like the rolling plains of America, but it has its own unique charms and treasures. On a Sunday bike ride near Enschede a few weeks ago I discovered a green, lightly forested world filled with tiny homes that look like they belong to elves, signs in the lively Dutch language that still baffles me everyday, wildlife grazing on the side of the road, and small plants and flowers I cannot name but appreciate nonetheless.

The bike is the most popular form of transportation in the Netherlands, and when I find myself off the beaten path and in the countryside, I can see why the Dutch like it so much. This small country is perfect for traveling short distances on two wheels. The humid air is fresh and less tainted by smog than American cities. The abundance of water features such as canals and dams make for a beautiful backdrop no matter where you are in the country. The well-manicured Dutch gardens add a sprinkle of color even when it is rainy outside. On this bike ride, I tried to capture all of these things with my eight frames to show just a slice of how beautiful this country really is. 600 film.


















Written by: Rachele Krivichi

Photographs by: Rachele Krivichi

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