8 Frames: Analogue Travelogue by Julia Beyer

Photography was always something that I liked to do and people kept telling me that I had talent. But as I was quite preoccupied with making music in my spare time (I sing in the dreampop band Chandeen), my focus just lied elsewhere.

It took me until 2014 to discover my love for instant film and since then I keep shooting Impossible or expired Polaroid film passionately. It actually was surprisingly liberating compared to making music as I didn’t have to discuss things with anyone and just could do my thing, without compromises.

I began with simple photos, rather snapshots, that I took during walks, motivating me to go out and explore the places around me - something that I haven’t really done before but learned to love. Then I also started to document my travels with instant film. Later I began to shoot more elaborate ideas, and so my “hands series” came to life with which I was able to gain some attention within the community. Lately I gained first experiences with shooting with models and really enjoy it a lot. I love broadening my horizon, learning new things, trying to get better and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I try to take my SX-70 everywhere I go so when we headed for a trip to London, I seized this opportunity to shoot some Impossible film. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a staged shoot with well thought-out concepts, sometimes it’s just enough to keep your eyes open and enjoy the moment. These photos came from an expired pack of Impossible Poisoned Paradise film.










Written by: Julia Beyer

Photographs by: Julia Beyer

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