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Polaroid Originals Spectra B&W Film

Polaroid Originals Spectra B&W Film

$ 22.00

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Singe pack (QTY 1) of black and white Spectra film.

Manufacture date of January 2018. Has been refrigerated.

Please note that people have variable experiences with Spectra film. The issue of it jamming inside cameras is prolific and should be expected as a possibility when using this film. Please purchase this film with the expectation that it might not work in your individual camera (this is specific to Spectra film only).

Polaroid Originals as the manufacturer has provided the following statement:
Aging Spectra cameras may not work well with our film 100% of the time, so there’s a chance your Spectra film pack may jam. We’ll still do our best to support your purchase, though. Questions? Let us know at