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Refurbished Game Boy Color - Clear

Refurbished Game Boy Color - Clear

$ 69.00

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Experience Game Boy Color, Nintendo's first portable video game system with a color display. This vintage Nintendo Gameboy Color is refurbished to like-new condition, ready for another lifetime of gaming!

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Original Launch Date:
Icon Internals:
Original, restored Game Boy Color electronics
Rebuilt in a freshly molded plastic body with new buttons.
Plays classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges (not included)
Two AA (included)


Every Game Boy we sell is professionally refurbished. By the time it heads out our door, it's been stripped down to its base components, cleaned, tested, rebuild and tested again.

Most importantly, functionality is guaranteed. If anything does go wrong, or you have any questions, we have a team of friendly people ready to help.

Due to the refurbished nature of the product, the Game Boy you receive may show some light wear and vary slightly from what is pictured. We are extremely picky about what parts we use in the repair process and never use parts that have chips, cracks or carvings.