Q: What do you guys do with all of these cameras?

A: We repair, refurbish, repackage, and wholesale them to other companies.

Q: Are you the same as Cream City Camera?

A: Yes, we used to go by that name, but it doesn’t exist as a business anymore.

Q: Why do you sometimes buy on eBay for higher than prices in this guide?

A: We have buyer’s protection on eBay, and we are able to control what inventory is coming in. On eBay, our average purchasing prices end up being the same or less than what we pay in direct sales. Our goal is to decrease our purchasing price online and make more direct purchases.

Q: How come you don’t pay for shipping?

A: It depends how you look at it. In our mind, our budget to get the camera to our doorstep is what is listed in the guide. Our overall price increase from the previous guides is meant to account for shipping costs.

Q: Why aren’t you buying Spectra cameras anymore?

A: We have seen massive fallout with the performance of Spectra film. In general, new Spectra film is not working consistently in vintage Spectra cameras. We are putting these cameras “on hold” until we can come up with a solution.

Q: Why don’t you want my other vintage cameras?

A: Retrospekt specializes in very specific Polaroid camera types. We have no use for cameras not listed in this guide (or cameras in the “not buying” section.) If they show up at our facility, we donate them.

Q: Will you buy my rare Polaroid?

A: There certainly are some rare Polaroids that might interest us. If it looks structurally similar to the cameras on page 5, feel free to send us a picture. For most rare models you will be better off just selling online. We would much rather buy 10 regular cameras than 1 rare camera.

Q: Do I need a 1099 from Retrospekt?

A: As it stands now, payments made through PayPal are exempt from requiring a 1099. If you exceed a certain threshold of sales on PayPal in a calendar year, PayPal should send you a 1099. If checks are your preferred method of payment and your sales to Retrospekt exceeds $600 in a calendar year, we will need to send you a 1099.