Fine Print

Consider the following when selling:

  1. If we find that the majority of your cameras are B and C grade, we will have to make the assumption that you are dumping your junk on us. Direct sales work best when we can anticipate a mixture of different cosmetic conditions across the cameras we receive. If you are selling your junky cameras to us (especially 600 Square Cameras) and selling the good ones online, you might hear from us that we are ceasing direct sales and will keep the purchasing relationship all online.
  2. If you ship us something that is not on our purchasing guide, we cannot ship it back to you unless you give us a shipping label. Please only send us models we are looking for. If we don’t hear from you, we will donate the item.
  3. We have no plans to shut down Retrospekt in the near future! That being said, if something catastrophic happens and we are unable to continue purchasing, we are not legally or contractually obligated to buy your cameras. We promise to give as much notice as possible for anticipated changes.
  4. If we find a discrepancy in grading that requires a downgrade in price, we will do our best to provide you pictures and an explanation so we can get on the same page for future sales. Our big picture goal is to get as many cameras as possible and to not nickel and dime you.