Updated March 24, 2020

This is a very difficult update to write, and it's even harder to have to type it rather than get together for a group meeting. Digital communication only goes so far, and in this moment I feel like it falls short.

There's been so many changes over the last week, and we have been working hard to keep up with the news and new bills getting signed. As you all have seen, Governor Evers has mandated the closure of all non-essential businesses through April 24, which includes us. We will be allowed to continue distribution, fulfillment, and customer service on a small scale, but anything required in Suite 300 will be handled by Adam or me.

Beginning March 25, 2020, all hourly workers are temporarily laid off. I have consulted with several colleagues in HR and accounting, and we will be leaving everyone enrolled in Gusto at this time. This will make the transition to bring everyone back on the payroll easier when we are allowed to open.

Beginning tomorrow, you all should apply for unemployment benefits, and mark that you have been temporarily laid off and are getting zero hours per week starting March 25. Do this at https://dwd.wi.gov/uiben/apply/. I will be prompt to fill out all of the paperwork on my end, but it must be initiated by the employee.

Regarding insurance, Adam and I will cover 100% of the premiums for employees with health/dental/vision/life coverage in April. You will not owe us for your contributions. Beginning May 1, if we aren't yet allowed back at work, we will need to reassess the situation. We are watching legislation closely for benefits that might be coming for employees in the position of losing their health insurance. Please look for correspondence mid-April regarding our decision about health insurance coverage in May.  

Everyone will be given the option to cash out PTO on the paycheck depositing April 3 which is for hours worked March 16-March 29. Please write haley@retrospekt.com with your PTO requests by no later than March 28. If the PTO causes you to go over 80 hours, we will cash out the remaining balance the following pay period. This should be reported as vacation pay on your unemployment benefits.

Our goal right now is to keep Retrospekt afloat so we can all come back here when this is over. As we are starting to see canceled wholesale orders, Retrospekt will be sustained solely through online sales. In the meantime, our priority is to be communicative and helpful, and make sure you all have access to the benefits that are out there.

I have never been in this situation before. I, too, have a lot of questions and am anxiously waiting more legislation to pass to provide assistance to small businesses and everyone losing their jobs. Adam, Michael, Haley, Bryan, Kyle and I will be working very hard with significant pay cuts to keep Retrospekt alive. 

Please contact me with any questions at all -- insurance, benefits, unemployment, etc. I am here to help us get through this. kori@retrospekt.com

Stay strong, stay inside if you can, and we will be here with open arms for all that wish to return when the time comes.



Updated 3/16/20

Aurora Healthcare has created an online page to help people get access to care for COVID-19. This could be a good option for those who do not have a primary care physician. Check the resource HERE.


Updated 3/15/2020

If you have symptoms of fever (100º+) with coughing or issues breathing, you need to stay home and monitor your symptoms. Ideally, one would be able to get testing to confirm if they have COVID-19. Until then, we only have symptoms to go off of, and some cases are very mild. If you find yourself in this position, we will work with you on a case by case basis. For now, the instructions are to stay home, call your doctor, and follow your physician's instructions. 

The reality is, a lot of us are probably going to get it and we won’t know it (until testing is widely available.) We need to close our social circles to the bare necessities to diminish the spread, not just for ourselves, but others.

Assuming testing eventually becomes available and you discover you have COVID-19, please let us know. There are *hopefully* government supports coming for those who contract COVID-19 and cannot work. Please tell us so we are able to make a plan and help you. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but please just communicate if you’re in this situation so we can make a plan together. 

All occurrences/absences are waived until further notice. I don’t want people to feel like their job is in jeopardy if they stay home. Requirement to give 7 days notice to use PTO is waived until further notice. Please keep professionalism and accountability in mind with this change. 

Our efforts at Retrospekt will be even more successful if people are practicing social distancing and isolation in their personal lives. Young people are often asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, so it is our responsibility to stay away from high-risk populations and the public in general. It is time to stop going to cafes, bars, restaurants, and events. This is going to be hard on small businesses that get revenue from daily sales to the community. Consider supporting small businesses like coffee shops and restaurants by buying gift cards to visit them later.

Social distancing is effective because it flattens the bell curve of cases. Social distancing means closing your social circle to necessities like work and your home contacts. If all high risk populations get it all at once, our hospitals will be overwhelmed and won’t be able to care for everyone. It’s not just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting vulnerable populations.

At the end of the day, vintage electronics are not important over human life. However, we are also in a unique position as a business where we can limit our interaction with outside parties, and thus our overall exposure, as long as we all do our part to take proactive measures both outside and inside the workplace. As long as it is appropriate, we want to keep Retrospekt up and running, not only to maintain the business we’ve all worked so hard to create and grow, but also to be able to continue our ability to provide a reliable revenue stream for our employees as this virus makes its rounds over the next few months or longer.

Stay positive and check back for updates. Any updates will appear at the top of this pages. Call or text me with any questions.

With love,



Retrospekt COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

Minimize interaction with high-touch areas (Note: these protocols are written in a way that even if one person didn’t follow it, YOU would be protected if YOU followed it.)

  • Breakroom: The high-touch areas in the breakroom will be cleaned 3 times a day with rubbing alcohol/disinfectant wipes. This includes microwave buttons, microwave handles, toaster oven, water dispenser, coffee dispenser, faucets, sink knobs, door handles, soap dispensers, refrigerator doors.
  • Main 3rd floor door: Will be propped open for the entirety of the work day. Try to open the main building door with a sleeve. Hand sanitizer will be waiting for you when you enter, and we expect everyone uses it.
  • Time clock: We will stop using the time-clocks. Everyone will be paid for a normal workday (unless absent/not working/altered schedule.) Communicate deviances from schedule via text with Haley. 
  • Cubbies: Cubbies are labeled and have been disinfected. Only use the one with your name on it.
  • Dishes: We are removing all dishes and replacing them with disposable options. Please either bring your own and keep with you (at desk or cubby) or use disposables.
  • Lunch time: Lunches will be staggered to minimize the amount of people preparing their lunches. Everyone will eat at their work station. Use brown paper towels to open fridge/microwave doors. If you touch something, clean it with the alcohol sprays, available in breakroom. If you’re going to touch something with bare hands, spray it with alcohol before. 
  • Trash cans: We have removed the trash cans that have lids to eliminate everyone touching the same lid. If you are disposing of food, please place in grocery bag (provided in breakroom) and tie shut
  • Coffee: We would rather continue to provide coffee than have everyone going to pick it up in the morning out and about. Use paper towel to dispense coffee. 
  • Bathrooms: Use paper towels to open/close doors. Shut off faucet with paper towel. Make sure to wash hands for 20 seconds. The second floor bathrooms have less control/more people using them, so avoid if possible. Bring paper towels to open/close doors. Use hand sanitizer on your way back up (remember, it will be in the main entry.) 
  • Computers: No data entry via computers unless you have your own and only you use it. If you normally use the shared computer by the TV, submit via pen/paper (a pen from YOUR workstation) next to the refurb computer for Haley to enter. 
  • Headphones: Bring your own headphones or claim one of the Sony headphones to use indefinitely. Charge and store at your own work station.
  • Eyepieces/VFs: Be mindful of holding cameras up to your eye. They should be clean prior to QC, but please wipe off before and after you are touching your eye to a camera viewfinder.
  • Morning meetings: We will suspend group meetings until further notice. All information will be communicated via the TV screen or via text. 
  • One-on-one meetings: Keep to a minimum and stand at least 3 feet apart. Texting for quick questions is a great alternative. (Please keep professionalism in mind.) 
  • Work landline phones: If you pick up the phone and the caller is for someone else, take a name/number and tell them we will call them back. This will allow the opportunity to sanitize the phone or allow someone to use their own cell phone.
  • Signing for packages: Ask if you can just confirm verbally. If not, immediately wash hands.

    Basic hygiene etiquette 

  • Don’t touch your face. 
  • Cough into your elbow. If you forget, head right for the hand sanitizer to get back to baseline and not infect other surfaces.
  • We have so many gloves, wear them as much as you want and change them out often. 
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds with hot water and be conscious of the surfaces you touch immediately after (faucet knobs, door handles, PHONE)
  • Clean your phone often 
  • A thermometer with DISPOSABLE COVERS and gloves will be available in Adam’s office. If you’d like to take a self-temp, please feel free to. We will not monitor people’s temperatures but it’s there if you want it for peace of mind. Use gloves and the disposable caps.

    Basic human etiquette :)

  • Be kind to your friends and coworkers. Send some digital love and use social media for encouragement and positive connection.
  • Don’t tease anyone for “going overboard” with hygiene. Best case, someone is protecting themselves (and others!) and worst case, it’s a really great mental exercise to change habits and have constant awareness/mindfulness about hygiene 
  • Humor is okay (it’s how some of us cope), but know your audience and read the response
  • It’s the tail end of regular flu season and the start of allergy season. Some of us will be coughing and sniffling. Reserve judgment for these individuals, and your workday should allow you to always remain 6 feet away from your coworkers. Cover your coughs and sneezes with an elbow or tissue.



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