Back in 2010, owners Adam and Kori Fuerst started laying the groundwork for what would become Retrospekt: a business committed to keeping vintage electronics like cameras, cassette players and gaming consoles in circulation for decades to come. We've done this with hundreds of thousands of devices over the years. It's no small feat. It takes a team of dedicated people.

We're a pack of excitable, and somewhat obsessive, retro tech lovers; breathing new life into old devices in an ongoing effort to preserve a unique experience for a new generation. We're the protectors of the obsolete, a tongue-in-cheek title for our efforts, shrugging off a consumer culture fueled by consumption of the new, and those that won't invest themselves in curiosity, indulge in a little eccentricity and discover something magical.

KoriKori Fuerst
/ Owner

AdamAdam Fuerst
/ Owner

Michael Kempen Creative DirectorMichael Kempen
/ Creative Director

Haley Miller
/ Refurb Manager

Kyle Seis
/ Customer Service Manager

Bryan Rieth
/ Head of Repairs

Gloria Ruiz-Santos
/ Folding Repair Technician

Diana Fuentes
/ Folding Repair Technician

Cassidy Radmer
/ Folding Repair Technician

Carol Anne Maveety
/ Purchaser

Rachel Curtis
/ Inventory Manager

Sarah Tower
/ Quality Technician

Kyle Burgess
/ Refurb Technician

Lucy Liebenstein
/ Customer Service Specialist

TJ Jones
/ Repair Technician

Callan Blachowski
/ Refurb Technician

Ethan Sorge
/ Refurb Technician

Zinta Jauntirans-Vogel
/ Fulfillment Specialist