Vintage Polaroid Repair and Sony Walkman Repair

Instant Camera Repair

Retrospekt works on a flat fee system for vintage Polaroid camera repairs. We always address your specific concerns, but also give a full check and CLA (clean, lubricate, adjust) to your camera to ensure optimal performance. Aside from completing internal repairs, our team lovingly polishes the outside of the camera to make it look as new as possible. SX-70 folding cameras receive brand new leather skins. Each camera holds a 90 day warranty, and we stand by our commitment to get your camera shipped back to you within 14 days of receiving it. For customers in the USA, Retrospekt covers the cost of return shipping.

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Portable Cassette Player Repair

All cassette players are taken apart, cleaned, fit with new drive belts, the tape head demagnetized, potentiometers deoxidized, and tape speed adjusted. Each is then thoroughly tested; we listen for sound quality, and all the functions (fast forward, rewind, radio, etc) are guaranteed to work. Any defective components, inside or out, are replaced with working parts. We also clean the exterior housings, getting into all the small grooves and hard to reach areas for a nice fresh look.

Packfilm Camera Repair

All packfilm cameras are refurbished inside and out. Any defective components are replaced with refurbished, guaranteed parts. Automatic exposure cameras originally designed to work with now-obsolete batteries are adapted to use common AAA batteries. Pro-level cameras, such as the 180/5 & 190/5, have their shutters cleaned and checked for accuracy (any deviations are noted and a compensation sheet is provided to you). All viewfinder/rangefinders are cleaned and adjusted to ensure proper focus at all distances.

Other Repairs

Retrospekt does accept repairs of other items, including pack film cameras, 35mm cameras, portable cassette players and boomboxes on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us describing your item and the nature of the issue and we will give you a proper quote.