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Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation (1987) Cassette Tape

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation (1987) Cassette Tape

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Aerosmith in the late 80s -- it's exactly what you're imagining. Including the perhaps prophetic Dude (Looks Like a Lady) and Rag Doll, Permament Vacation allows you to hear Steven Tyler screech and wail in the very ways you've come to know and love. Just so you know, a real human has listened to this tape. It's rewound to the beginning of Side A, inspected for damage, and then re-cased in a slick new acrylic case. 

A1 Heart's Done Time
A2 Magic Touch
A3 Rag Doll
A4 Simoriah
A5 Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
A6 St. John

B1 Hangman Jury
B2 Girl Keeps Coming Apart
B3 Angel
B4 Permanent Vacation
B5 I'm Down
B6 The Movie