Black Friday Secret Sale! 5x Rolls of Expired 120 Film

$ 15

+ Free ShippingThis product ships free within the contiguous US.

You found our secret Black Friday Instagram listing! 

This item is: 

5 rolls of expired 120 Film, all 400 speed.

3x HOLGA 400 Black and White 120 Film (Expiration 2019)

2x Arista.Edu Ultra Black and White 120 Film (Expiration 2019)

Please purchase with the understanding that this film is expired and may not work. Shooting expired film is always a gamble with unpredictable results. The boxes are a little beat up. 

If you can add it to your cart, it's still available! If it says sold out, someone beat you to it.

Secret Instagram listings are all sales final with no returns. US only.

What are secret Instagram listings? A few times a week we like to treat our Instagram followers to something only they can find on our site. These items are usually either one of a kind or something we are selling at a major discount. Enjoy! 😎

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