Film [35mm, 120, 220] Processing

$ 12

+ Free ShippingThis product ships free within the contiguous US.

This service covers:

  • Color (and C41 black & white) film
  • True black & white film
  • E-6 slide film

Please select the proper film type from the dropdown. Misidentified film rolls may not be processed or may incur additional fees.

For 24 or 36 exposure rolls in 35mm, 120 and 220 formats.

Base price is for the development of one roll of negatives (regardless of format or exposure count) and shipping both ways. We will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to send in your rolls (by email within 2 business days*). Shipping labels must be used within 28 days. Once developed, your negatives (and any add-ons you select) will be shipped back to you free of charge.

*Labels for orders placed after 2:00PM CST on Fridays will be addressed the following Monday.


Prints are four inches by six inches. Prints can be made with a glossy or matte finish and with or without a white border, free of charge.

Digital Scans

If you select to receive digital scans, they will be loaded onto a fresh USB drive and returned with your negatives.

Multiple Rolls

All costs are per single roll. If you use the quantity selector to set the number of rolls you will send, all add-ons will be applied uniformly across all your rolls.

If you are sending in multiple types of rolls (e.g. you have one roll of color and one roll of slide film) you will need to add them to your cart as separate products.

If you would like to apply different options to each of your rolls, you will need to add a customized product to your cart for each roll. If you do this, you will need to make an identifying note on each of your rolls, then add that note to the “Roll Notes” blank above.

This service is provided in partnership with our friends at Murray Photo in Appleton, Wisconsin who handle all photo processing.

Please note that they do not process film every day, opting to wait until there is enough volume to ensure the processing chemistry is at its best. Current processing days are Saturday and Monday.

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