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Expired Ilford SFX 200 Black and White 35mm Film (36 Exposures)

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Ilford SFX 200 is a medium-speed black and white film with extended red sensitivity, making it the perfect choice for infra-red style images.

When used with a deep red filter, SFX 200 renders blue skies almost black and green vegetation almost white to create a stunning infra-red look to your shots.

Unlike traditional infra-red materials, SFX 200 can be loaded in subdued light and is compatible with all normal black and white developers producing high-quality negatives of moderate contrast.

SFX 200 can also be used with other colored filters such as yellow, orange or light red to produce equally dramatic special effects.

Please note this film has an expiration date of 8/2022 and is sold at a discount accordingly. Expired film is sold as-is with no returns. While most expired film is still usable, there is still a risk of abnormalities if used after the date recommended by the manufacturer.

Film format 35mm
Exposures 36
ISO 200
Film type Black and white