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Expired Kodak Professional T-MAX P3200 Black and White 35mm Film - 36 Exposures

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Kodak Professional T-MAX P3200 is a panchromatic continuous tone black and white negative film. It's known for its unique T-GRAIN emulsion, relatively fine grain structure and vivid sharpness.

Even though it has an ISO of 3200, it is characterized as a multi-speed film that combines high to ultra-high film speeds with finer grain than that of other fast black and white films! This film is especially useful in high-action or dimly lit situations where you can't use flash, and in situations where handholding the camera is needed. For subjects that require a good depth of field combined with a fast shutter, this film is perfect. It's also an excellent choice for nighttime photography.

Please note this film has an expiration date of 9/2022 and is sold at a discount accordingly. Expired film is sold as-is with no returns. While most expired film is still usable, there is still a risk of abnormalities if used after the date recommended by the manufacturer.

Film format 35mm
Exposures 36
ISO 3200
Film type Black and white