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Ilford Sprite 35-II Reusable 35mm Point and Shoot Green & Black Film Camera With 3-Pack Kodak UltraMax Film

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This is the perfect photography starter pack with the Ilford Sprite 35-II and a 3-pack of Kodak UltraMax film (72 exposures total). 

The Ilford Sprite 35-II is an easy-to-use 35mm film camera ideal for everyday use. The camera features a fixed-focus wide-angle lens and a built-in flash, making it a great choice for nearly any lighting situation. The lightweight green and black body is totally timeless, and its super compact size makes it easy to bring anywhere. Just toss it into your purse, backpack or back pocket!  

Kodak's GC/UltraMax 400 is a high-speed daylight-balanced color negative film offering a wide exposure latitude for greater versatility, as well as a fine grain structure with consistent and accurate colors. Optimized skin tone reproduction makes this film suitable for portraiture while a vibrant overall color palette benefits general and outdoor photography. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° and is well-suited to both scanning and enlarging applications.

Camera Specs
Film Format
Focal Length
Shutter Speed
1/120 seconds
Minimum Focus Distance
3.3' / 1m
Optical Window
Maximum Flash Recycle Time
15 seconds
Film Wind
Power Source
1x AAA 
4.7 x 2.6 x 1.7"
Weight 4 oz
ISO 200/400/800

    Film Specs
    Film format 35mm
    Exposures 24 x3
    ISO 400
    Film type Color