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Mega Man Legends (Original Video Game Soundtrack) 2xLP Clear Vinyl Record

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Album Info
Artist Various
Album Mega Man Legends (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
Originally Released 2022
Re-released n/a
Condition New
UPC 616967900965



A1 The Last Door
A2 Trap of Deflector
A3 Escape from the Tower
A4 Hanmuru Doll Appears!
A5 To Kattelox Island
A6 Apple Market
A7 Concerto of Harpsichord in D Minor (CD From Shop)
A8 Feeling of Love?
A9 Chase Brummbär!

B1 We are the 3 Bonne Brothers
B2 Ferdinand!
B3 Schmetterling of Bon Bonne
B4 Teisel Bonne of the Gesellschaft
B5 Maulwurf!
B6 Sad Teisel Bonne
B7 Reflection Room
B8 The Sub-Gate of Cardon Forest
B9 Lakeside Town
B10 The Bonne Family Burning with Vengeance
B11 Balcon Gerät!

C1 Locked Up Balcon Gerät
C2 The Sub-Gate of Jyuin Lake
C3 Garudoriten!
C4 Flutter
C5 The Sub-Gate of Clozer Woods
C6 Karumuna Bash!
C7 Flutter vs. Gesellschaft
C8 Gesellschaft!

D1 Foke-Wulf!
D2 The Main Gate
D3 Theodore Bruno!
D4 Reform
D5 Present (By F Chopin)
D6 At a Place Nobody Knows
D7 Original Hito Unit Residence
D8 Guynie Toren!
D9 Juno - Last Battle Physique (By JS Bach)
D10 See You Again