Olympus XA 35mm Film Camera with Flash

$ 199

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This Olympus XA is tested and working, and a full CLA has been performed on the camera. 

  • Launched in 1979
  • Full-frame camera using standard 35mm film 
  • Innovative clam-shell design - one of the most compact full-frame cameras ever. 
  • 35mm f/2.8 w/ coincidence rangefinder focusing (infinity to 2.8 feet)
  • Automatic aperture-priority exposure - camera chooses shutter speed (1 second to 1/500 second visible in viewfinder, camera allows up to 10 seconds) based on user-selected aperture (ƒ2.8-ƒ22).
  • Uses two 1.5 volt (357 type) batteries

A great piece to add to your collection or for first time 35mm users!

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