Polaroid Originals Spectra Color Film Expired

$ 25

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This is a pack of Polaroid Originals Spectra color film for all Polaroid Spectra cameras.

This film has a production date of 05/19. It is from one of the final runs of Spectra film by Polaroid Originals.

WARNING: Spectra film suffers from a frequent ejection issue that causes cameras to eject multiple frames at the same time and jam. Because of this issue Spectra film has been discontinued by Polaroid. Because of the know problematic nature of this product, it is sold as is. We cannot guarantee its functionality, nor can we issue refunds or exchanges for Spectra film, whether opened or unopened.

Not sure what film your camera takes? Contact us at service@retrospekt.com or look around your camera. It should say Spectra somewhere on it, and it should always have a sticker that tells you when you open up the film door and look inside. 


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