Sell Us a Camera

While our direct sales program has evolved over the years, our goal has always been to make the selling process easier and more efficient for all parties involved. Our team of purchasers cares about keeping the process simple and getting you paid as quickly as possible.

If you are contemplating selling to us, consider this:


Posting items on eBay takes a lot of time. We may occasionally ask for a few pictures to help identify a camera or determine its condition, but selling direct gets you paid without wasting time creating listings online.


You don’t need to test any of the cameras. Retrospekt has a very capable repair team so you don’t need to spend your time testing and diagnosing issues. While individual customers online might have higher expectations for a camera’s functionality and ask for returns or refunds, we will accept cameras in any state as long as they fit within our grading.


We guarantee your sale. If you find a camera from our list out in the wild, you can consider it an automatic sale, and you know how much we will pay for it. No more holding onto inventory hoping it sells.

Steps of a Sale

1. Find Your Value

Use the guide to identify your camera models and associated prices.

2. Create an Invoice

Use to create an invoice. If you’re new to the process we can help.

3. Get Paid 50%

Upon receiving the invoice, Retrospekt will pay 50% down within 1-3 business days.

If you prefer a check, just ask. We will pay in full via check after receiving the goods.

4. Package Your Camera

Follow our shipping instructions to package your camera(s) so they will not sustain damage during shipping.

5. Mail Your Package

Mail us your package(s). Please email the tracking number to Tracking numbers help our team match up your incoming package with the original transaction very quickly!

6. Get Paid the Rest

Within 1-3 business days of the package being marked as delivered, Retrospekt will pay the remaining 50% of the invoice. If discrepancies in quantity or condition are found, we will contact you ASAP to resolve.

I have a camera to sell but I’m not in the US

For selling us cameras from somewhere other than the United States, please email directly and we’ll work something up.

Looking for something other than selling or repairing a camera?

Contact us at