Packaging Your Cameras for Shipping

  1. Always individually wrap each camera in something – best case scenario is bubble wrap, worst case scenario (but still acceptable) is newspaper. *** Take extra care with Express handles, they are fragile! ***
  2. Make sure the contents are secure in the box – if everything is jostling around in the box, it is bound to get damaged.
  3. Make sure there is at least 2” of padding around the entire perimeter of the box. Again, best case scenario is bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and worst case scenario is newspaper. (Newspaper works well for padding the perimeter, but it’s heavy!) Save yourself the shipping costs by making the parcel as light as possible!
  4. If you have to favor a section to pad, choose the bottom! More padding on the bottom protects the camera when the box is inevitably dropped by the carrier.
  5. If you think of it, print out a copy of the invoice and put it in the parcel. We receive so many cameras each day that any clue to help our team identify it quickly is extremely appreciated.
  6. For heavy parcels (5+ cameras), UPS or FedEx Ground is typically the cheapest option. If you are sending 1-4 cameras, USPS is probably going to be the cheapest.

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