Jan 14: VHS in a woodchipper, Wu-Tang, Polaroid portraits and more

VHS vs woodchipper

The YouTubers behind Red Letter Media just destroyed all of their VHS copies of the film Nukie except for one sealed copy and sold it on eBay for $80,000, with all proceeds going to charity. Watch their tongue-in-cheek video about VHS collecting unfold here. (The woodchipping starts about 24 minutes in!)

Nukkie VHS

The original NFT

Read about the wild story of a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album that likely won't be publicly shared until the year 2103. At one point, the special record was seized by the US government. Check out their official document with photos (some of which are redacted) here.

WuTang vinyl

Party portraits
RuPaul's Drag Race is back! Check out photographer Andrew Tess' Polaroid portraits of the queens in all their glory taken at the screening party in NYC.

Andrew Tess Polaroid portraits

NES prototype

38 years ago, a prototype for the Nintendo Entertainment System was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Originally called the Advanced Video System (AVS), the setup looks quite a bit different than the NES we know today.

Rainer Buchmann in Porsche Targa with Polaroid rainbow