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Make Our Products Your Products with Wholesale

Interested in stocking vintage Polaroid instant cameras?

Whether you're a small business or national retailer, we can provide the right styles and quantities for your entry into instant film.

Retrospekt is the only company in the world officially licensed by Polaroid to refurbish, repackage and sell vintage instant film cameras.

Our tried-and-true refurbishment process takes iconic Polaroid camera models from the 70s, 80s and 90s and gives them a new life. Rebuilt, cleaned and repackaged in a fresh box, the end result is a shelf-ready retail product that provides everyone — from the curious beginner to the seasoned photographer — the most authentic way to explore the magical world of instant photography.


The creation of our camera refurbishment program was overseen by life-long Polaroid technicians from Enschede, Netherlands and our team uses original Polaroid tools specially designed for the process.


In the vintage world where scarcity can come into play, being able to reliably source materials means we can refurbish and repair quickly and efficiently, and provide large quantities on a wholesale level.


These aren’t loose used goods. To compliment their like-new quality, each refurbished item is ready for the shelf — repackaged securely in a newly designed box and accompanied by a new user’s manual.


We follow strict quality testing procedures on all of our refurbished products and, on the extremely rare event that one still does not live up to expectations, we work overtime to make things right.

Polaroid SX-70 Packaging



Vintage with a new twist

In addition to selling original Polaroid models we also offer a range of custom vintage cameras redesigned in collaboration with some of today's hottest brands. We start by painstakingly refurbishing internal components sourced directly from vintage Polaroid cameras. Then we install these components into newly molded plastic exteriors. Our manufacturing process allows us to use new colors and graphics in a format faithfully modeled to original Polaroid specifications. Each new design is released as an official Polaroid camera.


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For more information, or to place a wholesale order, please contact:
Haley Miller