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Our mission is to give you a product with years of history that works like it was made yesterday.

We’re passionate people, addicted to the experience of vintage electronics. Something about the twisting knobs, whirring gears, mechanical buttons, perfectly imperfect film grain and warm analog sounds. In an increasingly digital world, the magic of analog is increasingly enchanting. It’s comforting. Comforting to take a break from the excess of consumption convenience has allowed. Comforting to step back and engage in a more tactile and deliberate experience. 

These products, that still prove to be so useful and enjoyable, shouldn’t be haphazardly discarded. Left to decay (or never decay, because plastic) in some landfill. We give them a new life. Faithfully restoring each item to give you a product that performs like it was meant to right out of the box. A true experience that refuses to be pushed out by the whims of the latest technological trend.


Retrospekt Folding Camera RepairA vintage product is no good to you if it doesn't work. With Retrospekt you know you're not just getting a classic piece, you're getting one restored to its original working condition through a tried and true refurbishment program that's processed over 250,000 devices.


Everything is serviced by an experienced staff with a wide range of exposure. It’s likely they’ve already seen and fixed the issue before, and they’re ready to do it again. If problems come up, we have a team of engineers to develop new and lasting solutions that stay faithful to the product's original design intent.



In the world of vintage electronics where scarcity can come into play, being able to reliably source products and parts means we can refurbish and repair quickly and efficiently, and provide large quantities of select vintage goods on a wholesale level.


For instant film products, the creation of our camera refurbishment program was overseen by life-long Polaroid technicians from Enschede, Netherlands and our team uses original Polaroid tools specially designed for the process. We follow strict quality testing procedures on all of our refurbished products and, on the extremely rare event that one still does not live up to expectations, we work overtime to make things right.

Our Team

They say it takes a village, and in our case it’s a warehouse full of amazingly weird and lovely people that pour their hearts and souls into making sure you can listen to that Van Morrison tape again. Or shoot your grandpa’s SX-70.


Retrospekt Team

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Hey, everyone needs to pat themselves on the back sometimes, and sometimes it’s only convincing when said by someone else. Don't take our word for it, check out what the world is saying about Retrospekt.


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Questions? Concerns? Head over to our contacts list to find the right info. Here to complain about getting a freebie Coolio cassette single with a parental advisory on it? Blame Adam.


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