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Article: Jan 29: A golden Spectra, Goldeneye and more

Jan 29: A golden Spectra, Goldeneye and more

Going for the gold

Okay Polaroid collectors, you aren't a true fan until you acquire one of these Cartier Spectra cameras. Only four of these were made in the 80s (so good luck!). The cameras were plated in 22-karat gold and had a sapphire on top. Snazzy.

cartier spectra polaroid camera

007 on the Switch
After a very drawn-out battle with usage rights, Goldeneye is finally available on the Nintendo Switch as of January 27. We've shared this before, but if you missed it — this documentary is a great deep dive into the history of Goldeneye.

007 goldeneye

This day in history (almost)

On January 30, 1969, The Beatles played their last public performance. See footage from the iconic rooftop set here. Inspired and need some Beatles gear? We've got you.

john lennon

Neutral zone

It took us long enough, but we finally made our very own ND filters! These filters can be installed on the top of film packs, allowing you to shoot 600 film inside an SX-70 camera. 

neutral density