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Article: Nov 18: John Denver and the Muppets, gift ideas, a 24k gold SX-70 and more!

Nov 18: John Denver and the Muppets, gift ideas, a 24k gold SX-70 and more!

Sound Burger
Audio-Technica resurrected (and promptly sold out) the aptly named Sound Burger, a low-profile portable turntable from the 1980s.

Audio-Technica Sound Burger portable turntable

Make your own vinyl

On the subject of spinning vinyl, we think this is a slam-dunk holiday gift: curating your own vinyl "mixtape," complete with your own design on the sleeve. You can upload any song you want and Freestyle will hand-cut your very own one-of-a-kind record.

Freestyle hand-cut one-of-a-kind vinyl

Mystery photos 

Fashion photographer David Bailey has sold off a collection of Polaroid photos with an interesting hook — the buyer won't be aware which photo they are receiving. The images, ranging from portraits of famous celebrities to still lifes, are all sealed in envelopes and the contents will be unknown until opened by the buyer.

David Bailey Polaroid photo of Princess Diana

Muppet time
We are starting to dabble in holiday music, and an all-time Retrospekt favorite is the iconic Christmas album from John Denver and the Muppets. The 1979 television special is streaming in full on YouTube and we are all stocked up with the limited edition vinyl!

John Denver & the Muppets Christmas vinyl

A 24k gold SX-70
And finally, just over a week ago we announced a limited edition run (just 50!) of gold-plated cameras in celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Polaroid SX-70. Shop now before they are gone for good!

24k gold SX-70