Feb 25: The SNL Twitter account we can't stop thinking about, Polaroid guts, an expensive copy of Terminator and more

  1. We've seen the insides of thousands upon thousands of Polaroid cameras, but for those who have not, Scan of the Month is offering a rare look inside your favorite instant film cameras courtesy of a CT scanner. You can also see some Game Boy guts and LEGO skeletons.
  2. A first print VHS copy of The Terminator just sold for $32,5000 at an online auction. Whoa. Perhaps you can say hasta la vista to your student loans if there's an old copy buried somewhere in your parents' basement ;)

  3. Photographer Gabriela Bhaskar captured Olympics history on instant film — and her snapshots are sublime. "A 50-year-old Polaroid SX-70 might not be built for the Winter Games," she muses. "Or maybe it’s perfect." (Heads up: You'll have to create an account to read the article!)
  4. Comforting, haunting, soul-stirring: These are just a few adjectives we'd use to describe Mall of 1974, a mid-century muzak compilation guaranteed to make you feel something. If you prefer '70s music over '70s muzak, we got you.

  5. We can't explain why the SNL Hosts Introducing the Musical Guest Twitter account is so mesmerizing. It only takes a few minutes to scroll through the entire account and watch every clip. Yeah, we've done this several times... and we'd do it again.