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Article: A Milwaukee Home by Beau Branger for Eight Frames

A Milwaukee Home by Beau Branger for Eight Frames

"The idea of home for me is constantly changing. Instant film has a way of creating an unapologetic presence. The preciousness of capturing a photo becomes destroyed within the instance of your Polaroid photo leaving the camera. Capturing moments of home in my Eight Frames became a challenge of slowing down and thinking of moments where I felt most expressed home."

— Beau Branger

Who are you? 
Beau Branger

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Milwaukee, WI

How long have you been shooting on Polaroid film?
Five years

Do you have a favorite or most-frequently-used instant camera?
My favorite Polaroid camera is my burgundy Impulse AF.

What types of things do you find yourself photographing the most?
Selfies, plants, landscapes and wildlife — if I can get my subjects to stay still.

What kind of camera did you use for these eight pictures?
My Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Autofocus. It was refurbished by Retrospekt earlier this year.

What kind of film did you use?
SX-70 color film

When did you take these photos?
February 2022

Did you have a single concept or goal when you shot this pack?
I wanted to capture some scenes of my apartment and try out still-life photography using a tripod. I ended up with a mix of still-life photos of my home and outdoor shots of my favorite places in Milwaukee. The weather ended up being perfect that weekend.

What is your favorite photo from this pack? Why?
I love the colors of my seventh (7/8) photo. This was one I took the most time setting the space, making sure the lighting meter was adjusted, and I used a flash bar.

Is there a photo that you wish you could retake or swap out?
I wish I could retake my first photo. This was my first time shooting with my Sonar and with SX-70 film. There's a learning curve with the lighting and also understanding how the autofocus works compared to other 600 autofocus cameras I've used, like the Impulse AF and the Sun 660.

Did you run into anything weird with this pack?

Where is the best place to follow your work?
Instagram: @beau______


What is Eight Frames?

Each post in this series follows a simple premise: all eight photos from one pack of Polaroid film. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Because it limits the number of exposures and doesn’t allow for edits and omissions, no matter what conceptual approach (or lack thereof) is used, each Eight Frames exercise provides interesting insight into what it’s like to shoot on instant film. Permanence combines with an inescapable potential for variance within the medium itself. To truly succeed with instant film is to understand the process and embrace the variables. Each entry in the series features eight photos from a single film pack followed by a Q&A with the photographer about their process and approach. We hope you enjoy.