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Article: Internet People by Alex Kiander for Eight Frames

Internet People by Alex Kiander for Eight Frames

Polaroid photographer of people

Drop into Alex Kiander's dynamic studio portraits taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Autofocus camera converted to take 600 film. His theme of "internet people"/"very online" in conjunction with classic black and white film evolved into portraiture with retro-futuristic undertones.

Who are you?

Alex Kiander

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Madison, WI

What types of things do you find yourself photographing the most?

Studio portraits and some abstract photos

When did you take these photos?

During a three day span with two - three models an evening. (9/6/22 - 9/8/22)

What is your favorite photo from this pack? Why?

The first one (1/8) is my favorite. The lighting on the darker skin tones turned out so nice and the contrast is beautiful. However, I had a blast working with each model and getting to know them a little bit while we shoot. I gave each model bonus color 600 shots and some digital photos as a trade for their time and taking part in this creative project.

What kind of camera did you use for these eight photos?

SX-70 Sonar converted to 600

What kind of film did you use?

Polaroid 600 Black & White

How long have you been shooting Polaroid film?

9 Years 

Do you have a favorite or most-frequently-used instant camera?

SX-70 Sonar (converted to 600 film from Retrospekt)

Is there a photo that you wish you could retake or swap out?

The seventh shot (7/8) is a little over exposed it bugs me but kind of gives it a ghostly feel so it is kind of cool.

Did you have a single concept or goal when you shot this pack?

My concept was loose and started as "Internet People" or "Very Online / Online Fashion" I just posted on my Instagram story a call for models and picked the first 8 to respond. So most models I had only known from online interactions or we met through Instagram in the first place. I gave them some style perimeters and gave them my usual plan to bring a bunch of clothing and accessories and we will style you together, and it usually is pretty fun to see what people bring. As I began shooting however, the black and white film has such a vintage feel that things started feeling very retro-future so it was a shifting concept throughout the shoot. Also one model ended up canceling so I had to take a SX-70 selfie but that seemed fitting to the theme. The only real goal was one model per each frame and have them all turn out! Not always an achievable goal in instant photography.

Did you run into anything weird with this pack?

Nothing out of the ordinary. I love black and white 600 film. It develops faster than color and looks so good in a studio lighting setting.

Where is the best place to follow your work?

Instagram: @alexkiander