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Article: A Grillo's Pickles Polaroid Camera

A Grillo's Pickles Polaroid Camera

We've teamed up with the Boston-based, all-natural pickle brand to release our juiciest collaboration yet — a Polaroid x Grillo's Pickles instant film camera! 

Retrospekt restores vintage internal camera components and then re-cases them with new exterior housings. This camera features Sam Sam, Grillo's lawn-chair-lounging mascot and other Grillo's Pickles branding. 

This is an extremely limited edition camera, with only 125 Polaroid cameras in existence. This is one of several Grillo's Pickles collaborations launching today in celebration of National Pickle Day. Polaroid collectors and pickle connoisseurs will both find something to love about this crisp collaboration.


"Grillo's has always been more than just pickles. It's a lifestyle. So chill out, eat a pickle and capture a moment in time with this limited Polaroid camera. Enjoy!"