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Article: Barbie Throwback Camera: Party Like it's 1999

Barbie Throwback Camera: Party Like it's 1999

Two decades after the Barbie Polaroid camera was first released in 1999, we are proud to bring the two iconic brands back together again. With this new collaboration we paired a classic Polaroid 600 instant analog camera with a bold, Barbie-themed exterior based on the graphics and colors of the original Barbie Polaroid camera from the dawn of the new millennium.

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When we have the opportunity to create a new custom Polaroid camera, much effort goes into the design process. We wanted to retain as many design elements from the original 1999 camera as possible, so we conducted an extensive review of the original elements -- from the camera itself, to the box and film packs.

When creating custom plastic that perfectly matches a brand's color palette, we work with a chemist to transform Pantone callouts into actual colorant to be used in the manufacturing process. Precision is of the upmost important, we can't have Barbie's iconic pink, green and purple look washed out or muddy.

What does a special millennium camera need? A special millennium inspired box! Our endlessly adventurous printing house (with some light apprehension) printed our highly saturated box graphics onto the holographic board for a show-stopping result. Seriously, you need sunglasses for these "party-like-it's-1999" boxes. 

Here's a deep cut for all of our Polaroid —and Barbie— die-hards. While the majority of the Barbie Polaroid cameras you find use a logo common on Barbie products from the 1990s, you can occasionally find a more script-like version of the logo (like the one used on our camera). This is because the original launch of the Barbie camera in 1999 overlapped with Mattel's debuted of a new Barbie logo for the brand as it moved into the next millennium. The original Barbie camera was manufactured from 1999 into the early 2000s, with those made later more likely to have the script logo.


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