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Article: Hello Kitty Celebrates 45 years with a new Polaroid camera from Retrospekt

Hello Kitty Celebrates 45 years with a new Polaroid camera from Retrospekt

To celebrate 45 wonderful years of Hello Kitty, Sanrio has teamed up with Retrospekt to release a limited edition Polaroid 600 vintage instant camera inspired by their most popular character.

When setting out to create a camera worthy of the occasion, we had nearly half a century of Hello Kitty history to draw from. Our design concept for the camera goes all the way back to Hello Kitty’s early years, using original graphics from her debut in the mid-70s. Inside, the camera uses vintage 600 internal parts, painstakingly deconstructed and restored through our tried and true refurbished process. Those refreshed internals are wrapped up in a new plastic camera shell, molded in Hello Kitty’s vintage red, white and blue colors for the perfect retro-inspired package.



This isn’t Kitty White’s first time on a Polaroid camera, but it may seem like it for some fans around the globe. She was featured on a much-loved pink Polaroid camera released in the late 1990s exclusively in Japan. We’re excited this new release will give more people a chance to discover the magic of instant film while sharing the joy of Hello Kitty.

Officially licensed by Polaroid and Sanrio, the camera uses Polaroid Originals 600 film. The collaboration was first available as part of Hello Kitty’s Friends Around the World Tour and can now be purchased directly through Sanrio.