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Article: Meet Gudetama, the Lazy Egg We All Need Right Now

Meet Gudetama, the Lazy Egg We All Need Right Now

Retrospekt presents a second Sanrio collaboration, featuring a cute little egg character named Gudetama. Unlike some of Sanrio's peppier characters (think Hello Kitty and My Melody), Gudetama embodies a hopeless laziness that — let's be real — we can all relate to now and again. 

When we had the opportunity to put this sleepy little egg with a yolk butt on a Polaroid 600 camera, we were thrilled. Per our usual format, we paired vintage camera internals with the new Gudetama themed exterior shell, blending both old and new which has become our signature recipe for breathing new life into these retro electronics.

Which, by the way, if you're new here, we do all the repair, refurbishment, molding, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An anomaly in the consumer electronics world, we at Retrospekt have crafted our entire business to be, well, in our control. 

We are obsessive about quality and presentation, and Gudetama was no exception. The packaging for the camera (also printed locally) features our little egg pal being snagged by some chopsticks and laying in a bed of yummy foods with a bacon blanket (goals).

And the icing on the cake (or should I say the egg yolk on the rice) is the back of the Polaroid camera, which features the cutest egg yolk butt you've ever seen. Take Gudetama with you on all your instant film adventures. You won't regret it.

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