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Article: The Milwaukee Flag Polaroid 600 Camera is Here For Summerfest

The Milwaukee Flag Polaroid 600 Camera is Here For Summerfest

To celebrate the city we call home, we're launching a limited edition run of officially licensed Polaroid 600 instant film cameras featuring artwork inspired by the People’s Flag of Milwaukee. Envisioned and assembled in our Bay View workspace by a diverse team of proud Milwaukeeans, each Milwaukee Flag camera features painstakingly refurbished parts from original Polaroid 600 instant film cameras made in the 1980s and 90s. These original parts are integrated into a completely new shell, colored in the deep blue and bold yellow of the Milwaukee Flag. The restored internals and redesigned exterior provide a classic experience wrapped in a fresh, locally-flavored package fit for instant film novices and seasoned pros alike.

Milwaukee Flag Polaroid Sticker
Milwaukee Polaroid Stickers

The Milwaukee Flag Polaroid camera will drop on June 26, 2019 in conjunction with the start of Summerfest. During the festival’s run the camera will be available exclusively at the Retrospekt booth in Summerfest’s South Market. Starting in late July, a limited number of cameras will be available at select local retailers and online directly from us!