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Article: Retrospekt Exclusive Cassette: Waxahatchee's Saint Cloud Available Now!

Retrospekt Exclusive Cassette: Waxahatchee's Saint Cloud Available Now!

Waxahatchee Sain Cloud Cassette

For the past decade or so, vinyl records have been the analog audio format of choice for music fans with a vintage flair — but now, cassette tapes are making their very own comeback. Even though we may be a little biased, we don’t think it’s surprising that tapes are getting popular again. They take the whole analog experience and wrap it up in a simple and compact package that’s easy to store and endlessly more portable than your vinyl collection. Plus, tape releases offer the chance to support your favorite artists while still giving you a little piece of physical media to hold. 

Retrospekt is proud to be part of the ongoing resurgence with our first-ever exclusive tape release: Waxahatchee’s Saint Cloud. Pitchfork says Saint Cloud is “all lilacs and creek beds, Memphis skylines and Manhattan subways, love and sobriety, the sound of a cherished songwriter thawing out under the sun.” The album -- written immediately after Katie Crutchfield’s decision to get sober -- details her journey through sweeping storytelling and lush guitar melodies. Straight from the streets of Philadelphia, Waxahatchee’s signature Americana sound is as enchanting as ever. 

Waxahatchee Cassette and Walkman

The only place you’ll find Saint Cloud on cassette is right here at Retrospekt. We’ve partnered exclusively with Waxahatchee and Merge Records to make it happen. We’re over the moon about collaborating with other folks committed to preserving retro audio formats, and eager to introduce cassette tapes to a new generation of music fans. 

Saint Cloud may be our first exclusive tape release, but it’s not going to be our last. We can’t give away too many details just yet -- but trust us when we say there’s a lot more in store! It’s no secret we love analog audio here at Retrospekt. We can’t wait to partner with even more indie record labels and bring you exclusive tape releases. Stay tuned! 

Check out Waxahatchee’s Saint Cloud on cassette, or explore our entire collection of cassettes!