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Article: Retrospekt Mixtape No. 1

Retrospekt Mixtape No. 1


A lot of music passes through the Retrospekt space. From cassettes to CDs to vinyl, we thoughtfully stock and carefully ship it out, and while we're doing that there's always something — or several things — playing around here. 

If you see a vintage tape on our site it means that at least one person here has heard a bit of both sides. And they probably weren't alone. Testing a cassette tape of vintage sound effects through a cranked-up boombox? Yeah, that's happened — but we're not here to put you through 20 minutes of doors creaking and water dripping. 

The exciting part of testing vintage tapes is when it triggers an old memory of a long lost song, or a new curiosity for an artist you may have never given a fair shake. And, as more and more new releases show up in our collection on classic formats like vinyl and cassette, there's always an ample amount of fresh fuel for our musical fire. 

New releases, old favorites and going down the rabbit hole into odd genres — the Retrospekt mixtape series will hopefully be a little bit of everything. Sometimes that everything will change from list to list as themes change, or sometimes it'll come all in one playlist as our staff's eclectic tastes meld.