Film Photography Project LOW ISO Black and White 35mm Film (24 Exposures)

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Film Photography Project LOW ISO Black And White is a very fine grain 35mm black and white film. It is blue-sensitive and has a very high resolution that incorporates a yellow dye, which is removed during processing, to provide very high sharpness. Please note that blue-sensitive films need to be shot in daylight or using a flash/strobe. Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting indoors. 

To meter for ISO 6, you must dial the ASA manually into your camera or use a hand-held meter. To make this process easier, you can download the Light Meter App for your phone. Also, If your camera can't be set to ASA 6, you can dial in ASA 25 and open up your lens by two f-stops.

This item is one 24-exposure roll of 35mm film.

Film format 35mm
Exposures 24
Film type Black and white

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