Polaroid SX-70 to 600 Film Conversion with Repair Service

$ 240

+ Free ShippingThis product ships for free within the US.

Tired of keeping a supply of different film types to use between your 600 and SX-70 cameras? We can service your SX-70 folding camera and convert it to use 600 film.

While we are converting your SX-70 folding camera to shoot 600 film we also run it through a full functionality check and CLA (clean, lubricate, adjust), and make any necessary adjustments to increase the longevity of your camera. Part of this includes recalibrating the shutter (which means your camera should shoot true to the lighten/darken dial), cleaning optical components, fresnels, viewing lenses, mirrors, etc. Our team carefully cleans the external components and replaces the leather skins (they must be removed to access internals). All cameras are film tested and won't be returned until they are producing excellent exposures. All cameras receive between 2 and 4 hours of hands-on time from our team.

Each camera we service comes with a 90 day warranty.

Which models does this service cover?

Conversions from SX-70 to 600 film works with all folding SX-70 camera models. The images shown here are just a few of the common SX-70 folding camera types.

Repairs ship free, both ways, within the US.

After you've submitted payment, we will email you (within 2 business days*) a prepaid shipping label you can use to mail us your camera. Once received, we will complete all repairs and have it back in the mail within 10 business days.

*Labels for orders placed after 2:00PM CST on Fridays will be addressed the following Monday.

Need a repair shipped outside the US?

Need more information on repairs?

Contact: service@retrospekt.com

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