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Eight Frames Submission

If you have eight Polaroid photos - all from the same pack of film - you'd like considered for our Eight Frames blog, we'd love to see them! Please follow these instructions:

1. Email with "Eight Frames Submission" in the subject line.

2. Include a digital photo or two (just taken on a camera phone is great) of all eight Polaroid photos laid out on a flat surface. In keeping with the spirit of our Eight Frames blog, we trust that you'll act in good faith and only submit groups of eight photos that came from the same pack of film. 

3. Write a few, brief sentences about the work. Nothing lengthy, please. We will send a thorough survey if your photos are selected, but presenting your images for consideration with a loose theme or general concept (or why there isn't one) can make a series more relatable/desirable.

If your work is selected for Eight Frames, we will provide scanning instructions for those who have a flatbed scanner. If you do not have a scanner, we will provide instructions for mailing your photos to us for scanning. All photos will be returned after they are scanned. We will also provide a questionnaire for you to fill out so we can write the blog and give your fellow readers a deeper insight into your process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

-The Retrospekt Team


What is Eight Frames?

Each post in this series follows a simple premise: all eight photos from one pack of Polaroid film. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Because it limits the number of exposures and doesn’t allow for edits and omissions, no matter what conceptual approach (or lack thereof) is used, each Eight Frames exercise provides interesting insight into what it’s like to shoot on instant film. Permanence combines with an inescapable potential for variance within the medium itself. To truly succeed with instant film is to understand the process and embrace the variables. Each entry in the series features eight photos from a single film pack followed by a Q&A with the photographer about their process and approach. We hope you enjoy.