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PRESS: Retrospekt’s InstantArt Polaroid Cameras Celebrate the Enduring Aesthetic of Early Computer Graphics Software

June 18, 2024

Retrospekt, a product design and development studio dedicated to creating unique experiences through new and refurbished retro tech products, has launched InstantArt, a limited-edition series of official Polaroid 600 instant film cameras. The collection draws inspiration from the delightfully pixelated aesthetics of 1980s and '90s computer graphics.

InstantArt features three distinct camera designs, each a vibrant amalgamation of geometric patterns and bold color blocking. The eye-catching color palette of vivid yellows, hot pinks and electric blues, combined with playful pixel-art-style symbols, evokes a strong sense of digital nostalgia.

"Growing up in the early days of home computing, I spent countless hours experimenting with different computer drawing and painting programs, plotting out pictures pixel by pixel.” said Retrospekt Creative Director Michael Kempen. “With InstantArt, we wanted to create a fun little throwback to those early days of digital art and its enduring influence on visual culture. These cameras celebrate the joy, quirkiness and unmistakable style that defined an entire generation's first exposure to the computer as a creative tool."

Under the hood, each InstantArt camera is built using authentic Polaroid 600 instant film components from the ‘80s and ‘90s, carefully refurbished by Retrospekt's expert technicians to ensure they function just like new. The company's signature attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the camera's construction, from the fully restored vintage internals to the newly molded plastic shells.

In a nod to the classic unboxing experience of vintage software, the InstantArt cameras come packaged in a way that wouldn’t look out of place shelved next to rows of shrink-wrapped software at the ubiquitous computer shops of the 1990s. Each camera also comes with a sticker sheet of digital squiggles and low-res icons to allow for individual customization.

The InstantArt series is a natural evolution of Retrospekt's mission to breathe new life into vintage electronics. Combining its passion for analog technology with a love of bold, playful design, the company has created a unique instant film camera that doubles as a functional art object.

While a majority of the units will be released in Asia through an exclusive retail partnership, a limited number of the Polaroid cameras will be available through Retrospekt's website on June 18, 2024. With only a handful of units available, the InstantArt cameras are expected to be in high demand among instant photography enthusiasts, retro tech collectors and lovers of vintage computing. 


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About Retrospekt

Retrospekt is a highly-specialized workshop and product design studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin committed to the exploration, restoration and curation of retro technology. They started their foray into the world of retro tech by supplying Polaroid with refurbished and restored vintage instant cameras and now offer a full line of vintage camera models in addition to developing official Polaroid camera collaborations with both national and international brands, such as Mattel, Sanrio, Peanuts and FENDI.

Since 2008, they have pursued vintage electronics and the delight of analog technology, breathing new life into cameras, portable cassette players, classic gaming consoles and other retro tech oddities. Over the last decade, their team has saved over 300,000 devices with a comprehensive refurbishment process that faithfully restores each item to perform like it did the day it was originally manufactured.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it can be easy for digital convenience to become digital overload. Retrospekt hopes the items they offer will provide people an opportunity to slow down, step back and enjoy a more tactile and intentional experience. Visit for more information on Retrospekt and its offerings.


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Lexie Capperella, for Retrospekt