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Use the following instructions to re-load your simple use camera:

  1. Once your camera counter window reads 0, remove the sticker on the side of the camera to access the film door release. 
  2. Remove your exposed roll of film.
  3. Remove the AA battery and replace with a new one. 
  4. Insert a new roll of film on the right cavity. 
  5. Pull the film to the left across the exposure window and line up the sprockets with the notch on the left spool and above the exposure window.
  6. (Optional) You can use a small piece of tape to secure the leader to the left spool.
  7. Close the film door
  8. Use the winding knob on the bottom of the camera and follow the direction of the arrows turning counter clockwise.
  9. Wind up until the counter window reads as the amount of exposures in your film. The camera can go up to 36 exposures.
  10. Once you feel some resistance, stop winding.
You are now ready to use your camera with new film!