Retrospekt 90-day Limited Warranty

For Retrospekt branded products only (including items we have serviced and repaired.)

By purchasing a Retrospekt product or a device refurbished by Retrospekt you agree to be bound by the terms of the Retrospekt 90-day limited warranty (the “Warranty”) as set out below.

Do not use your product until you have read the terms of this limited Warranty. If you do not agree to the terms of this limited Warranty, do not use the product and return it within the fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery for refund to (i) Retrospekt in case you bought the Product on the the Company website or (ii) the retailer where you purchased it in case you bought it in a shop of an authorized Retrospekt reseller.


What This Limited Warranty Covers

Retrospekt warrants the Retrospekt-branded product or the device refurbished by Retrospekt contained in the original packaging (the “Product”) against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Retrospekt's published guidelines for a period of 90-days from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”). This does not apply to accessories, film, cassettes, or games. Retrospekt's published guidelines include, but are not limited to, information contained in technical specifications, user manuals, tutorials, and customer service communications.


Retrospekt's Response to Warranty Claim

If during the Warranty Period you submit a claim to Retrospekt in accordance with this limited Warranty, Retrospekt's customer service will at its sole discretion, replace the Product that is returned or exchange the Product for a refund of your purchase price.

When a Product or part is replaced or a refund provided, any replacement item becomes your property and the replaced or refunded item becomes Retrospekt's property.


What You Have To Do

Before receiving warranty service, you need to contact Retrospekt's customer service ( Retrospekt may require that you furnish proof of purchase details (e.g. the order number or receipt), respond to questions designed to assist with diagnosing potential issues, and follow Retrospekt's procedures for obtaining warranty service.

In returning the Product, the Product must be delivered in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection.

Retrospekt will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred in transit or otherwise in connection with your return of the Product to Retrospekt, nor will Retrospekt be responsible for any items that you send in with the Product.

Important: Do not attempt to open the Product or remove any protective caps attached to the Product. Opening the Product or removing protective caps may cause damage that is not covered by this limited Warranty. Only Retrospekt should perform service on this Product.


What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover

This limited Warranty does not apply to any non-Retrospekt-branded products (except for devices refurbished by Retrospekt), any software, cables, straps, protective cases, batteries, or any used hardware products. This does not affect your rights under applicable consumer law.

This limited Warranty does not apply: (a) to consumable parts, such as films, batteries, or protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (b) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches or dents unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (c) to damage caused by use with a third party component or product; (d) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, misplacement, or alteration; (e) to damage caused by fire, earthquake, electrical power problems, theft, or other external cause; (f) to damage caused by operating the Product outside Retrospekt's published guidelines and/or with incompatible accessories or a third party device; (g) to damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not authorized by Retrospekt; (h) to a Product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Retrospekt; (i) to defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the Product; (j) to damages or defects due to a failure to follow operating or maintenance instructions or due to services performed by anyone other than Retrospekt; (k) if any Retrospekt serial number has been removed or defaced from the Product; (l) to damage caused as a result of improper transportation or packing/packaging when returning the Product; or (m) if Retrospekt receives information from relevant public authorities that the product has been stolen or if you are unable to present proof of purchase.

This limited Warranty does not apply to any Product purchased outside the U.S. or Canada and also not to any refurbished or reconditioned Products.


Warranty Limitations Subject To Consumer Law

To the extent permitted by law, this limited Warranty and the remedies set forth are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies, and conditions, whether oral, written, statutory, express, or implied. Retrospekt disclaims all statutory and implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and warranties against hidden or latent defects, to the extent permitted by law. Retrospekt's maximum liability is limited to the purchase price you paid for the Product. In so far as such warranties cannot be disclaimed, Retrospekt limits the duration and remedies of such warranties to the duration of this express limited Warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the limitation described above may not apply to you.


Limitation Of Liability

Except as provided in this limited Warranty and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Retrospekt is not responsible for direct, indirect, special, incidential, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, including, but not limited to, overhead expenses, loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of the use of money, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of productivity, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused including the replacement of equipment and property.

The foregoing shall not apply to death or personal injury claims, or any statutory liability for intentional and gross negligent acts and/or omissions.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


How Consumer Law Relates To This Limited Warranty

This limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state.



If any term of this limited Warranty is held to be illegal, void, or unenforceable, the legality, validity, or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired. This limited Warranty is governed by and construed under the laws of the country in which the Product purchase took place. Retrospekt or its successor in title is the warrantor under this limited Warranty.


Purchases To Canada

This limited Warranty is subject to the applicable provisions of Canadian consumer protection laws that cannot be derogated from by private agreement or which may prohibit the application of any provision or stipulation herein. To the extent that any stipulation or provision is so prohibited it: (i) shall be construed as if it had been omitted from this limited Warranty; (ii) will not affect the legality, validity, or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction; and (iii) the remaining terms and provisions of this limited Warranty shall remain in full force and effect.

This limited Warranty is the currently applicable version, dated 18 July 2019.