Retrospekt CP-81 Portable Cassette Player

$ 99

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The CP-81 from Retrospekt is a completely new portable cassette player offering a classic cassette tape experience. It features a minimalistic design aesthetic anchored by a clear, plastic body and has all the core cassette player functions. It also has something far less common on most vintage models: a mono line-in record capability allowing you to record directly from any audio source via an AUX cable. Add in a few blank tapes and your smartphone and suddenly you’re the new master of the lo-fi mixtape. The player comes packaged with Retrospekt’s exclusive Koss headphones featuring an adjustable, stainless-steel headband and orange foam cushions.
Brand Retrospekt
Model CP-81
2x AA
Headphones Included
Koss x Retrospekt p/21


Features include:

  • Play, fast-forward, rewind, record
  • Microphone jack
  • Headphones jack
  • Type-C USB power supply
  • Battery operable

Contents include:

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