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Article: Jul 10: A mechanical watch as thin as a quarter

Jul 10: A mechanical watch as thin as a quarter

  1. The world's thinnest mechanical watch has been created and it's as thin as a quarter! Designed as more of an engineering stunt rather than for consumer use, some more economical options exist here.
  2. So we know about mechanical watches, but what about Nixie tube watches and clocks? This 60s technology to display numerical digits looks straight out of a sci-fi dystopian movie and we kind of want one. 
  3. Did you catch Metallica covering Metallica? Donned in Hellfire Club shirts, the iconic metal band performs alongside a clip of Eddie Munson's heavy-metal moment in the Stranger Things finale. 

  4. A modder has reimagined the original Nintendo Game Boy (and dubbed it the Wide Boy), and it just looks... so right. Check out a video of the build here.
  5. And just for fun, find out what was the top movie on the day you were born. This one is mine!