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Article: Jul 17: Tour the National Videogame Museum

Jul 17: Tour the National Videogame Museum

  1. A group in Sweden is undertaking the ambitious goal of collecting a physical copy of every single video game ever released, with future plans to make it an archive accessible to journalists and researchers. Take an even deeper (and slightly more skeptical) dive with Vice.
  2. For a look at one of the already existing gaming collections, enjoy this tour of the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX. The museum is an incredible homage to the past, complete with IKEA-style showroom of a teenager's bedroom in the 80s (spot the Polaroid?).

  3. In a bit of a deviance from our normal retro-tech theme, check out this absolutely bonkers auction for one of the rarest vintage Pyrex dishes, "Lucky in Love." 
  4. Did you know CD sales are on the rise? Check out our ever-changing selection of portable CD players, and keep scrolling for a peek at all the ones that have already made their way to new homes. 

  5. Get ready to throw away your afternoon with this meticulously kept archive that has thousands of scanned magazines and publications of the past. Highly recommend making your way to the 1990 RadioShack catalog