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Article: Sep 11: A Polaroid Porsche, Microsoft clothing, 80s magazine covers and more

Sep 11: A Polaroid Porsche, Microsoft clothing, 80s magazine covers and more

Get to work

Looking for a worthwhile IG to follow? Dasswerke is the somehow perfect blend of sterile yet aesthetic workspaces, manufacturing prototypes, vintage electronics, design and all the other things we love. We were big fans of this Sony KV-1375 as well as this clear Sony WM-504. Take our money!

Sony KV-1375 from Dasswerke

80s forever

 Smash Hits (or Star Hits in the US) was a 1980s magazine that published lyrics to popular songs along with interviews from the artist. Peruse this collection of 30 magazine covers which must have taken 30 bottles of hair spray to achieve.

Smash Hits/Star Hits Nick Rhodes cover

Microsoft fashion
Microsoft has entered the fashion arena with an impeccably named line called "Hardwear" that features minimalist normcore aesthetic. The collection is already sold out, but enjoy this promotional video featuring the Windows 95 desktop background as a set backdrop.

Microsoft Hardware normcore clothing line

Polaroid Porsche
Rainer Buchmann ran a successful company in the 80s and 90s customizing luxury vehicles. In 1974, he turned a Porsche 911 into a Porsche Targa featuring the iconic Polaroid rainbow. The car was featured at the 1976 Photokina, one of the world's most notorious photography trade fairs. It's so beautiful!

Rainer Buchmann in Porsche Targa with Polaroid rainbow

Product placement
This website is dedicated to documenting product placement in film, television, and music. We couldn't help but search for our favorite things. Enjoy these assembled compilations: cassette players | Polaroid products | Game Boys

Polaroid OneStep product placement