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Article: Sep 18: Cameras that go in your mouth, retro tech pillows, Ms. Pac-Man and more

Sep 18: Cameras that go in your mouth, retro tech pillows, Ms. Pac-Man and more

Ms. Pac-Man 

Learn about the surprisingly juicy history of Ms. Pac-Man. It's a story ripe with lawsuits and battles over usage rights that ultimately led to the franchise using other names such as Pac-Marie and Pac-Man Girl. Yikes. If you need a refresher of the original arcade game play, we've got you covered.

Ms. Pac-Man

Royal photography 

While Queen Elizabeth was one of the most photographed people in history, she was also known to occasionally get behind the lens of a camera. The Queen was often seen with a gold Rollei 35, several Leica models and a Canon Sure Shot 80 Tele.

Queen Elizabeth II with gold Rollei 35

Pillow talk
We thought we had a niche market, but someone is going even deeper with this line of retro tech pillows. If you ever thought you might need to cuddle with an Apple iBook circa 1999 or an original Macintosh, it is your lucky day.

Throwboy retro tech pillow

Quadruple KISS
On this day in 1978, all four KISS members released separate solo albums after some tension formed with members wanting to quit the band. The four albums used graphics created by the same artist. This interview with the art director for the project is worth the read, especially for the fun tidbit of how Gene Simmons came to have a drop of blood in his portrait.

KISS solo albums cover

Justin Quinell's approach to photography is, well, a mouthful. Using a special 110 pinhole camera inside his mouth, each photo results in a fairly creepy depiction of the subject matter as seen from inside the oral cavity. If you want to give it a try, you can buy the camera from his site.

Justin Quinell 110 pinhole in mouth photography