Apr 11: An analog video camera for the digital age, Traumarama, Game Boy accessories and more

  1. Designer Yuta Ikeya has created a remarkable analog video camera for shooting miniature movies. He says: "By using easily available film (C-41) instead of professional motion picture film (ECN-2), [analog filmmaking] is much easier to get started with."
  2. The Camerosity podcast takes a deep dive into camera gear, including the 20x24 (inches!) Polaroid camera and how it works.

  3. Lip gloss ads, prom dress spreads and Traumarama are the hallmarks of early-aughts teen girl magazines. Over on TikTok, @y2kmagazines is archiving the good, the bad and the cringey. All that's missing is the pull-out perfume samples.
  4. This week, we're remembering Kurt Cobain. Nirvana's legendary MTV Unplugged concert remains a classic, and thankfully, the full show is available on YouTube.

  5. How many attachments can you fit on a Game Boy? Six. Well, at least six. Watch a lowly Game Boy Color become "a Frankenstein’s Monster of unnecessary accessories." From Game Boy to... Game Man? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Pokemon Game Boy gif