Apr 17: The clear technology craze of the 90s, a Hollister playlist, the original Impossible Project website and more

  1. Here's what the Impossible Project website looked like 10 years ago, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. To the surprise of no one, everything is sold out.
  2. Looking for a new way to kill time at work? Look no further. We could play this desktop version of Super Mario Bros. for hours. (There's also a mobile version!)

  3. Travel back to 2005 with this Hollister store playlist. Even if you didn't actually shop there, you could probably smellthe store from all corners of the mall in your hometown. We're suddenly craving a Cinnabon...
  4. If you're doing some spring cleaning and seeking a bit of interior design inspiration, check out the IKEA catalog archive. Hej!

  5. Remember Crystal Pepsi? How about Zima? There's an entire Wikipedia article dedicated to the "clear craze" of the '80s and '90s. The timeless trend eventually made its way to technology — and we're big fans.

Clear 90